The Community of Pilgrims Presbyterian Fellowship has been active in service projects.  As a Community of Pilgrims, we have engaged in projects that include the following: we have written letters in support of clean air in Oregon to the Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality; we have sent letters and cards to our US Senators and Congresspeople in support of the Rohingya people; prepared bags for Valentine's Day for young elementary school children at Markham Elementary School in Portland, Oregon; prepared bags for people living in memory care units in nearby homes for people who are elderly; prepared meals for people who are homeless and hungry; and cleaned the kitchen at Outside In, a facility for young people ages 17-24, many of whom are LGBTQI.  We have also collected gifts over Christmas for people who are at Outside In, along with gifts for a family who lives at the subsidized housing complex, Stephen's Creek Crossing in Portland, Oregon. Individually, we are serving people at Outside In; helped at Neighborhood House in SW Portland; protest for a more just world on the streets of Portland every week, come rain or shine. On May 6, we are going to be preparing boxed meals for people who are hungry and homeless with Human Solutions.  Come join us!