Community of Pilgrims Presbyterian Fellowship, April 22, 2018

Dear Walkers, Movers, Daughters and Sons of God, Wayfarers, Refugees, Family Members, and Friends, 

It is spring time in Portland, O! The air, filled with pollen now, also has warmth to it, which many of us have missed. The sun is with us longer, pulling "daytime" into a greater span of life. Even the rain smells differently. For sojourners, on the road of life, we welcome brother sun and sister moon, glad to have more brother sun with us these days.

The focus verse this week is Luke 24:13-35, the Emmaus passage. This is an oft-repeated verse and story on many Christian pilgrimages, because we believe that Christ's Spirit is made known in those moments that salad is served up and ready to eat, prayer is prayed, bread is broken, a meal is before us, a cup of cheer on our right hand (or left), and dessert calls our name, candles lit, with time to talk and listen, share and tell, what has been happening in our respective daily sojourns. The Christ in me sees the Christ in you at those moments. This Scripture invites us to use our imaginations and hear the walk to Emmaus as a prototype of our own faith journey. As we move through this Easter season, there may be some incredibly insights that we might discover, similar to what the two travelers experienced. Perhaps we recognize the possibility of seeing the face of Christ in every stranger we meet. We might relate to the disappointment and loss of hope that Cleopas expresses. We might take some comfort in hearing that those closest to Jesus faced challenges in sustaining belief just as we do at times.We might also consider the opportunity or risk of extending hospitality. Or, we could spend some time reflecting on the common bond we share with others in every time and place in the breaking of the bread and the sharing of the cup before us. As a Community of Pilgrims, let this story guide our stories of life on the common road waiting before us all.


Our Schedule for the coming days and months:

* Delgani String Quartet, Friday, April 20, Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church, 2828 SE Stephens St., Portland, OR (there is a small cost); 7:30 pm.

* Thursday, April 26, meeting with the Steering Team, place, TBD, and time, 7:00 pm.

* Tue., May 1, gathering together for the OR Symphony-related free concert at Rose City Park Presbyterian Church;

* Sunday, May 6, Colonial Heights Presbyterian Fellowship, helping Human Solutions. 

* Sunday, May 20, Brett preaching at Rose City Park Presbyterian Church in the morning;

* Sunday, May 20, Pentecost: Kathy Fukuyama baptized;

* Sunday and Monday, May 20-21, Tom Letts, Church Coach with us.

* Sunday, June 17, 11 am., walk in Portland Pride Parade.


I end this email sharing time with this thought by poet Rainer Maria Rilke:

The flower ends
When the wind wants it to,
and you must become like that--
that is, filled with deep trust.


See you on the pathway of life!

Buen Camino!

Pastors Brett & Chris