Newsletter, CoP, June 23, 2019

THIS SUNDAY: June 23, 2019, 4:00-6:00 p.m., Chapel, Rose City Park PCUSA, 1907 NE 45thAve., Portland, OR 97213 Questions? Contact Pastor Brett Webb-Mitchell (919) 444-9111;


Dear Hikers, Bikers, Paddlers, and Pilgrims,


What a fantastic time we had at Portland’s Pride Festival and Parade! The sunny weather and the spirit of joy and love permeated the entire parade route, and those of us who were in the parade, and those supported us along the parade route, were fabulous! Let’s do it again in 2020!


The focus Scripture this week fits in nicely with Pride Month, thanks to Pastor Paul! Let me explain: the focus Scripture is Gal. 3:23-29, in which Paul writes that because we are members of the body of Christ, clothed with Christ, there is “no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.  And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham (and Sarah’s) offspring, heirs according to the promise.” These social labels and categories—like gender, sex, race, nationality, sexual orientation, age, and abilities/disabilities—are used a great deal in society, such social categories are secondary to our true and primary identity, and that is as members of the mysterious yet real body of Christ. And in the body of Christ, all of us are loved and beautiful and enjoyed by God. And because we are loved and saved/empowered by God’s grace, we are all endowed, by our Creator, with gifts, talents, and services that are to be used for the greater good and building up of the community of faith that we know as the body of Christ. Of course, I would also extend the categories to include that there is no longer LGBTQ+ and straight, able-bodied or disabled, hearing or deaf, young or old, for all of us are one, in community, with Christ Jesus. Join us this week at Community of Pilgrim as we explore the importance of this passage within the greater body of Christ.




June 23, 2019, Gathering and Worship, Rose City Park PCUSA;

June 30, Gathering and Worship, Rose City Park PCUSA;

July 7, Gathering and Worship, Rose City Park PCUSA;

July 14, Moreland Presbyterian Church worship! 9:30 am at Moreland Presbyterian Church!

July 20, a Thank You Volunteer Appreciation BBQ/Picnic by Human Solutions! All of us invited to come; 4-6 pm, St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church, 17405 NE Glisan St., Portland, OR.

July 21, Pastor Brett preaching at Woodburn Presbyterian Church

July 21, Gathering and Worship, Rose City Park Presbyterian Church!

July 28, Gathering and Worship, Rose City Park Presbyterian Church!



* Regarding the CoP t-shirts: Please pick up your t-shirt this Sunday, and bring cash or a check made out to Community of Pilgrims, in the amount of $8 for adult M, L, and XL, and youth; and $12 for adult 2XL. Thank you!

* We also have plenty of beautiful leather bracelets for each member of the community! Pick one up this Sunday!

* In the coming months, Pastor Chris and I will be quoting from and referencing sections from the book, Wisdom Distilled from the Dailyby Joan Chittister, a Benedictine monk, who, in this book, focuses on the nature of living life in an intentional Christian community, which is our aim as Community of Pilgrims. We can either order books for those interested and sending in a request for so-many copies, or feel free to order it or buy it from your favorite book distributor. Wisdom Distilled from the Daily, Joan Chittister, San Francisco: Harper One. 

* Another book for our consideration: The Intentional Christian Community Handbookby David Janzen (Paraclete Press, 2013). We may use this book as we delve deeper into understanding what it means to be an intentional Christian community of faith.

* Finally, Community and Growthby Jean Vanier will be picked up as a book for us to read together.


Prayers of Celebrations and Concerns

·     Thankful for all who have been traveling across the country and to other parts of the world safely;

·     Thankful for all the birthdays and anniversaries of life and love in June;

·     Prayers for all of us as we grow older, thankful for life and love;

·     Prayers for the earth, and the obvious need to take better care of it, and soon!

·     Prayers for all nations to provide health care to all women;

·     Prayers for peace in this world, and to quiet the rattling of weapons and rhetoric of war;

·     Prayers for those who sleep on city streets, and who have been displaced by the investment of boulders along the highways of our city;

·     Prayers for equality and justice for and among all in this month of Pride!




Summer Stars, by Carl Sandberg

Bend low again, night of summer stars.
So near you are, sky of summer stars,
So near, a long arm man can pick off stars,
Pick off what he wants in the sky bowl,
So near you are, summer stars,
So near, strumming, strumming,
So lazy and hum-strumming. 




Buen Camino!

Pastors Brett & Chris 

Rev. Dr. Brett Webb-Mitchell (919) 444-9111; brettwebbmitchell@gmail.comRev. Chris Dungan